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Default Script coding project help

Hi, I hope this is the best place for this post and I think I'm OK, but if not, we can move it.

I was looking for some assistance on developing a script that would permit entering an IP address or GUID and when either are seen on the network, it would automatically download a given number of files.

Kind of like this:

Phex would essentially run in background waiting. . .

a previously identified target IP and / or GUID has been entered

when the targeted host is located (or signs on the network)

it would trigger a browse of the host

a predefined number of files matching certain criteria are single source downloaded

script completed.

Ideally, I'd like to find someone to code this for me and we could work out some arrangement where we're both happy. All this of course assumes it's even possible with Phex, but this looked like as good a place as any to start. Feel free to respond off line.

Thanks for your time.

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