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Default can't buy the pro version. Limewire does not accept creditcard or paypal

How can I purchase the pro version. From what I understand the basic will not let me download more than 100 songs. I would like to purchase the Pro however, when I tried it only allows certain credit cards and MASTERCARD is not one of them and they don't take PAYPAL either.

Do you have any other ideas as to how I might pay for this program?????

Sleepless Edit:

Originally Posted by birdy View Post
Try asking at this other forum (click on link): LimeWire Forums

LW developers & staff don't post here, but you might get a response over there.

If they want people to buy Pro then they should be listening to potential customers!

Don't forget that there are other good (free) p2p apps that also use the Gnutella network... check out the links below for more info




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