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Default Limewire Default Settings


Unless one of the more experienced forum members say otherwise, and I have used LW for four of the past five years, LW has always shared downloads by default.

The last time I looked at LW there was a manual settings that allowed you to choose how much of your bandwidth, as a percentage, you wanted to reserve for uploading. If you wanted to turn off your LW's uploading you had to specifically do so and become a freeloader (a term of abuse given to users who would not share).

Anyway, here is a paragraph from the instructions for installing LW:
Save Folder and Shared Folders

Using LimeWire is a save-and-share experience. Files download on the Gnutella network are placed in the Save folder and are individually shared with other users on the Gnutella network. Files in the Save folder other than those downloaded using LimeWire are not shared unless the Save folder is added to the list of Shared folders.
And here is the URL for the Instructions: User Guide Installation - LimeWire

Now, if the authorities do not accept the on-line instructions as proof that LW's default setting is to share all it's downloaded files then the only thing you can do is demonstrate this by installing LW in front of these (sceptical) people.

UK Bob

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