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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
Have you used the search function for LimeWire to see if & where a second version exists? Search all drives.
If LW 4.16 can be located, it can then be uninstalled. There will be an uninstaller within that LW program folder (or within a sub-folder.)

I did that earlier. I know there has to be one on the cmptr the prob is finding it. Do you know what the exe routine is for LW 4.16 that may help in my search. Right now I've again deleted LW, ran the CCleaner and now defragging both drives. After that i'll search again and try to find it. If i find anything associated with LW its history. Defrag again and re-install LW Pro. All that in all my spare time. Any more ideas while i wait is appreactiated. Thanks again for ur help!!!!
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