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I think normally LW would be installed into the applications folder of the C drive unless it was custom installed to a different location, such as a different drive/partition. Normally when you reinstall/install a later version, at the beginning of the installation process it will remove the previous version. Seems for some reason this has not happened. As hinted, my thought is that LW 4.16 was not installed into the regular location.

When doing a search on your computer for Limewire, use an all types of files including hidden files & extensions type of search. This can be set in the search options usually. Though I have Win 7, I only use it for testing, not use it regularly so I don't know it that well.

I don't suppose you have a second boot up drive on the computer. If yes, this might be why perhaps. And perhaps why a basic computer search does not see it.

Come to think of it, Win 7 does have some considerable differences to organisation than Win XP & earlier. I recall discovering a folder hierarchy not used in other systems starting from the C root level. Thus a search needs to be a thorough root level search inclusive of invisible folders & files & all types of files & extensions as mentioned.

If you view C drive from root level folder hierarchy expanded you will see what i mean.

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