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Default Security Question again...

Now that I understand security for Home Network Routers, it has raised another possibility, ie Internet Suite programs ask whether to place the newly found network in the "Internet - Public Places" or "Trusted - Home, Office, etc" zone.

I have always selected the "Trusted - Home Zone", even when I had only 1 PC on the Web. It seems I may have done myself a dis-service.

Nonetheless, now that I have a Home Network through a Router, I have them all set to LAN Home - Trusted, and presume that's correct?

But, what is to stop a virus entering 1 PC and spreading it to all the other PC's in my Local Home Network?

This question has come to mind because ZoneAlarm suggests the choice of setting the Network Connection (LAN or Otherwise) to "Trusted" and there is no provision to set the "Internet connection to Public" for tighter security (as does Kaspersky). Of course, I am presuming that is what Kaspersky's settings mean in the Firewall section.
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