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Well Frederick

Since I totally misunderstood your first post I propose to start there, your second post seem to suggest that you are worried about the security facilities on your router (I thought you were worried about malware getting passed your router and onto your PCs).

Although, theoretically, a router can be infected with a virus I have never (ever) heard of this being done, so though this is a possibility it is highly unlikely. It would be far easier for a hacker to plant something on your PC (through trickery) than on your hardware router.

You said:
What is to stop a virus entering 1 PC and spreading it to all the other PC's in my Local Home Network?
I would ask, do you share files between your PCs because if you do then an infected file on one PC will spread to your other PCs that share the infected file.

I currently have two PCs on my network and, in the recent past, up to four, three desktops and one laptop. To protect my PC I have switched off all sharing and network facilities within XP so that I cannot get “accidentally” infected by one of my son’s machine.

However, if you must share files then I suggest you run full and frequent anti-virus scans on each networked PC.

UK Bob

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