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Default ok as far as i know this relates to limewire and i need help

Ok so when i tryed to open lime it told me to download new lime because i had a old version so i did that. I looked up a artist that i wanted and downloaded his music. Well when i saw that it did not atomatically put my songs in itunes i tryied to manually click and drag songs to itunes. But that did not work. And im getting really ticky because they only have flippin tech. support for people who pay. Well its starting to tick me off and never use there program. But if anyone can help me figure out how to get music from limewire to itunes that would be great. If you have any suggestions please contact me at **************. I would be really happy to get some oppoions. So if you would send me a email as soon as you get this i will try your options and i will get back with you. Thank you so much.

Thanks to all who helps,

Dallas Mitchell.

Sleepless edit: Don't post your email on the forum

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