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That only applies to LW Pro. Due to legal processes happening at LW, their development has been corrupted by the RIAA; nazis.

If you wish to use LW 5, please see *** LW still works fine with version 5.5.10, but do not attempt to use later version !!! as a starting point.

Each version after 5.5.10 has an auto-update function on it. This will eventually lead to a program that does not even connect to Gnutella network but instead a commercial pay as you go network.

It is not possible to purchase LW Pro presently, and the RIAA cancelled all LW Pro subscriptions, and shut down most of LW's server facilities.

Did you vote for the RIAA at last election? The RIAA always sponsors certain number of government figures to gain their support & usually on more than one gov. party side. A clean government huh? ! Senators .. who are they, people who get rich from business sponsorships to make nationwide decisions & create laws for their business sponsors. Who cares about the 'real' people hey. Lock the real hard working people behind bars & give them hard labor for 20 years as Metallica & some senators suggested.

Doesn't that attitude just make you wanna go out & buy every single Metallica album & follow them touring around the world. Such wonderful attitudes they have. All they care about is their money money money, their alcohol & drugs & women they secretly rap.e. With the music business covering their backs for all the trouble they get into. Their blackmail & power hitting techniques. After all, blackmail is the technique the RIAA has a long history of using, including via gov. influence with international trade to get control in other countries. This technique of trade blackmail was used over europe & the southern hemisphere.

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