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Default how to chat - mystery of 'not' solved!

Thanks! I've been wandering around the scree on Limewire and my computer and google trying to figure out to Chat. Now I know I'm not stupid. Others are having difficulty getting into the Chat thing. Too bad, as I agree that lime would be a great place to chat, especially about music genres, possibly to just meet and greet, or more.... So here is my address if anyone wants to try me directlyon Limewire or arrange through gmail: email removed (please read forum rules). If someone wants to contact you through here he/she can send you a message or even an email though your profile. Since I don't have a life or wife I looking for a date: woman, 43-55, good shape. I'm up in Canada, so if you just want to chat, I understand. If anyone just wants to try me in order to see if the chat connection works, I'm also willing. Like I said - I don't have a life!

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