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Since FW closely followed LW's code, did it include the same auto-update features which could potentially be turned around at any point in time to do what FW wanted (under pressure from ...) After all, this is one of the concerns. Auto-update could easily be turned into an update into anything, might even end up installing lemons or elephants or RIAA remote controlled items or other spy items.

Below is LW's forced update, user had no choice other than to force quit the program. Changing from voluntary to forced update is obviously easily possible with the program update code / concept you have put in. Users will become accustom to it without realising the potential dangers, until one day suddenly, their program is hijacked & no longer works because FW was forced to give them a non working program. That kind of control I'm sure most users would prefer to keep to themselves rather than have it forced upon them. Choice of updating should be up to user, if they wish to stay with v. 4.x then they should have option to turn off update messages. Nobody likes nags on programs.

I must say, I am highly confused as to where to find the Update preferences in Frostwire 4.21. Where is it hidden may I ask?
(obviously not in same locations as LW 4 or 5. LW had a special preferences location for update preferences.)

BTW if what I suggested is incorrect, then my apologies but the gnutella community needs to be clear on this. Is FW setting themselves up without realising?

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