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I didn't realise you would install the Beta. I was only referring to the connection cache.

As far as the Beta goes, after installing, you don't open the actual BS program, only the BearStart program. This program pushes the computer system clock time back for a couple of seconds only until the BS beta starts up. You would be best making an exception for this in any security software. And if running it on Vista or Win7, yes may need to Run as Admin.

File_Girl has made a better version of the BearStart program, so it does not cause as much strife to come people's computers as it might. The link to it has not been posted on the forum yet. The eventual plan is to change the entire BS Beta installer with new settings.

With the Beta, best if you select the Force Ultrapeer mode. This seems to get it connecting.

No, the BS web links within the beta program are old & outdated. So nothing whatsoever to do with the new owners of the BS program.

You are running Vista or Windows 7? Did 5.25 only start crashing after you tried the Beta?
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