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New games have been added to the arcade. For now the games have been located in the following categories below.
Don't forget there are specially selected bonus games (you cannot normally see those games) for anybody who wins the Image Caption competition (which is now run bi-monthly so the winner & possibly runner-up will have 2 months access to the special game category.) Presently 64 games in the Bonus category which were hand-picked & are amongst the best games on the arcade for playing.
(5 new games not listed below will be replaced with other versions of the same games due to compatibility/installation issues on this particular arcade.)

Lots more Shooting games & horror kinds of games. The horror kind of games have been placed in various categories including Holiday games, Adventure, & Misc. categories. More mind-boggling games in the Memory/Word or Puzzle or Matching categories. Some of the Alien & Space games could easily have gone into the Retro section, but some very new ones also. Make sure your Flash version is up-to-date on your computer.

Keep in mind game categories with more than 25 games will have more games shown on the next pages, simply scroll-down to bottom-right-side of page & click the page number to find more games of that category.

New Games added to Arcade-arcade-page-location.gif

Military or Flying Games
Troy --- 1471 Renaissance (Timefighter)
Shooting Games (Shoot to Kill)
BattleField 2 --- Call of Duty --- Call of Duty 2 --- Flash Crisis --- Flash Strike --- Gates of Hell --- Sniper Hunter # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 --- Target Barbossa --- Urban Sniper 2 Vengence
Shooting Games (Targets)
Carnival Shooter --- Damn Birds 2 --- Swat 3 - Recon --- Trouble on the Way - Gore
Holiday - Xmas Easter Halloween
Sexy Halloween --- Bat Outta Hell
Racing, Bike or Car Games
Drunk Driver Championship
Throwing / Tossing / Distance
Cat Fling --- Ragdoll Toss --- Rat Shot
Sports, Ski and Pool / Billiards
Batting Practise - Baseball --- Football Challenge --- Gully Cricket --- Last Man Standing Cricket
Yeti Games
Yeti Sports 1 SE
Tiles and Matching
Memory or Matching or Word Games
Puzzle Games
Four Second Fury --- Gimme 5 Horse --- Subtraction Action
Mining Games
Goldminer Vegas Full Version --- Gold Miner: Second Edition --- Gold Panic
Alien and Space Games
Galagon 2004 --- Gaxoc 2 Evil Invader --- POD Fighters --- Retroshoot --- Uchuwars
Retro Games
Galaktoid --- Pac Avoid
Undead End
Strategy or/& Tower-Defense
Undead City: Tower Defense --- Cursed Winds --- Battlefield General --- Armored Creep Defense Easy A --- Armored Creep Defense Medium B --- Armored Creep Defense Unlimited A, B, C
Alchol Test --- Artillery Tower --- Britney's Cocktail Quest --- C4 Hamster Challenge --- Danger Girl --- Dead of Night --- Death Junior ---Death Junior II --- Epic Coaster --- Faster Miter Master --- Flood Runner 2 --- Fly Catcher --- FlyGirl --- Frog Legs --- Kill Mosquito --- Toon Crisis --- Windscreen Wiperz - Drops --- Zwingo
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