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Exclamation Shareaza v2.5.4.0 released!

Somewhere during the last week, Shareaza v2.5.4.0 has been released. There have been 276 code changes during the past 8 months leading to this new version.

The new version features among other things improvements in the UPnP support, experimental support for the DC++ network, uTorrent compatible Peer Exchange ("PEX") and tracker exchange ("lt_tex"), changes to increase the efficiency of G2 Hubs, an improved way to display sources in the search window, and fixes to the IRC support - and last but not least: lots of internal optimizations (crash fixes, making things more efficient, library updates etc.).

A complete change log can be found on this page of the Shareaza Wiki:

Just as the last version, v2.5.4.0 is available in 2 different flavours, a "normal" build and an SSE2 optimized build. We suggest everyone to use the SSE2 optimized one, as it is slightly faster (you need an Intel Pentium IV or better resp. an AMD Athlon 64 or better (wich >90% of all home PCs should have nowadays) to use the SSE2 optimized build. If you are not sure, simply install the SSE2 optimized one. If your PC doesn't support the necessary features, you will simply get an error message on startup - in this case, simply install the other version, else, everything is fine.)

>>>Download Shareaza v2.5.4.0 here!<<<
(A 64 bit build is available within the forums.)

Important update
Quite a number of users have reported connection problems due to so-called "future hosts" in the Host Cache. This concerns especially the gnutella and Gnutella2 networks.

Users with the described problem are encouraged to use one of the debug builds until the next release, as they do contain a fix for the problem. (The warning message at startup can be safely ignored. To get rid of it completely, see the Wiki page on command line switches. Just append the Switch to your autostart entry for Shareaza (in your registry) and to your Shareaza desktop link.)

Shareaza forums - after a new attac back on old theme - Shareaza homepage

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