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Default Gnucleus needs a help file

Gnucleus is a fantastic servent. It does just about everything a good servent should do and does it easily and intuitively. Unfortunately it is inaccessible to new users of the gnutella network because it lacks even the most rudimentary help file. There is no explanation of any of the settings, preferences or menus. This is really no problem for anyone familiar with any of the other gnutella servents because they all work in basically the same way, but to someone new to gnutella it presents a real problem. This becomes a real problem for Gnucleus because it means that new users will try it, become confused, and either move to another servent or stop using gnutella altogether. Once a new user gets used to, and likes another servent, they are less likely to give Gnucleus another try. Take a look at Limewire's or Bearshare's online help. This is what Gnucleus needs. And it should be made a priority.
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