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Default Strong Language and Threats Will Get Results

I should have known better considering I go all the way back to the early Napster. But these scammers don' tell you that you are paying for Frostwire, which I already belong to. So I called my bank and they said I hade to wait 5 business days to file a fraud claim. They also told me not to worry I would hot have to pay the 44.01 I got scammed for. I didn't want to wait the 5 days so I wrote to the fraudsters that took my money. I won't tell you all the language I used (LOL) and I did tell them my bank was going to go after them and that I was going to the FBI. I told them I want my f****** money back NOW and they had 24 hours to refund me. I also told them that frauding people would get their merchant account taken away. Merchant accounts aren't easy to get. I had a refund issued the next day.

Don't let them get away with this. They sold you something that they had no authority to do, and that's FRAUD. Your bank has to credit you, even if they don't. And do call the FBI. Also threaten them about their merchant account. Lets put them out of business.
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