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It seems the FW team are directionless & skill-less without copying the LW code. Seems they lack the skills to continue designing. (Design something original, what does that mean? lol) Does that surprise anybody?

The comment about the gnutella spam is hilarious. Sounds like 'newbies' using the network who have absolutely no idea about how to avoid gnutella spam. If that is how the FW team looks at the gnutella network with totally ignorant gnutella users on their developer team, I'm not surprised they chose what 'they' thought was a 'safe' option because their team lacks anybody with original ideas.

They will now try to copy all the other bittorrent programs & technology & most likely do a poor job as history has shown. The FW program is not & never has been an accepted bittorrent client at many of the 'private' torrent sites. I know several of the reasons, as does Sleepless. But seems the FW team do not have a clue. May they plod along, and keep secretly installing their 'Junkware' on your computer not notifying you of this intention, as they have done over past year or so (their FrostWire website lied to everyone saying no junkware of any form.) Good luck to their challenge of copying others ideas.

They should leave such things as torrents up to the experienced experts instead of 'duping' people into thinking they are doing anything special, when no doubtfully it will be simple duplication of the technology in a poorer 2nd or 3rd class manner.

It is quite obvious & clear, without those original 2 or 3 who were a part of the initial FrostWire developer team in 2006, that ever since, FW has never done a single original idea or created anything toward the gnutella network. It was all copied ideas from LW's works.

(At least 2 of the original FrostWire devs back in 2006 had previously been contributors of LimeWire's code, abilities & bug-fixes in prior years. After they left the FW team, the FW dev team was left up to the ultra egos of the remaining & joining devs which of course could do very little in the years since. . 'Apparently', it was the 'egos' & 'attitude' & forcing of ideas of the ignorant that played a part in the true contributors leaving the FW team (despite their public excuses for leaving.))
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