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Default Using Phex as a library.

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with the following scenario.

I want to write a program that
(1) starts Phex in headless mode,
(2) submits a query,
(3) waits until the query has completed,
(4) gets information about the query hits,
(5) downloads some selected hits
(6) marks the query as completed

I have managed to do step (1). For this, I have taken the Phex main class, and made the main method into a normal method that I can call from my code.
After this method has finished, phex is running and waiting for input.
I can access Phex through the Servent instance.

To perform (2) I wanted to get a QueryManager from the Servent instance and call sendDynamicQuery(). At this point I am pretty lost since I do not know what kinds of parameters I should use here. Also, I do not know exactly how to track the query (3).

Are there any examples for this? Or maybe where are these functionalities implemented in Phex? E.g. what class/method does the program execute when the user submits a query from the GUI? It would be interesting to look at the source code.

Thank you in advance and best greetings
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