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Hi Gregor,

thanks for the information.

My idea is to be able to run searches in a batch fashion. For example, if I would like
to look for files matching "Bach", "Mozart", "Haydn", I can write a text file containing
these key words.

Then I launch my program, this starts Phex, reads the text files with the searches, and starts to search (for each search I want to specify the maximum number of hits and a time out after which the search is complete). Based on the hits, it decides what to download. It shuts down when all searches and downloads are completed (it can also have a time out so that a search or download that takes too long is abandoned).

So my first attempt is to write one or more interface classes to "drive" Phex.
As I said, I managed to build a Phex Runner to start Phex as part of a larger
application. For this I just copied the content of the main class into my own method
and did a few adaptations.

Best greetings
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