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Stick with version 4 would be my advice. FW 5 obviously does not do anything special with torrents, yet FW 4 has both Gnutella options & torrents. FrostWire 4 has lots going for it for various reasons. For a start, it connects easily. Secondly, you get to use two/2 p2p file-sharing networks, instead of only one for FW 5.

FW 5 has shown it is not a proper full-time torrent program. That says it all. The FW devs obviously lack both the skills, knowledge & ideas to make the program a 'full' torrent program, leaving you with just the basics that make your FW program BANNED at most 'private' torrent sites. uTorrent is a very basic program, if FrostWire does not shape up anywhere near uTorrent, then obviously FrostWire 5 is a dead horse with limited tail wagging abilities.

So what is your torrent file-sharing ratio since you started using FrostWire?

FrostWire attempting to 'force' users to migrate to torrents only instead of combined with Gnutella network thus limiting users scope & horizon of finding & sharing files. FrostWire developers love to show their monopoly hey. lol Whatever happened to the FW user's choice. (This included FW removing a preferences option to disable program update notices.) Power in the hands of just a few, sighs. FrostWire was developed in 2006 to help maintain the Gnutella network should LimeWire go down (as it finally did last year.) I guess the later FW developers forgot the reasons the FW concept was even initiated (FW was initiated by a couple of persons who had previously contributed code to the LimeWire program. The later FW devs obviously did not inherit the same Gnutella network passion.)
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