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gotta love how the gnutella forum community leaders love us, we'll miss you too guys, specially File_Girl71's sexy avatar (who has done nothing but troll on FrostWire since I can remember)

If you want to actually do something productive instead of trolling, the FrostWire 4 branch is still open and we'll be accepting patches at - Spam fighting patches are most welcome if you care so much about gnutella.

$ hg clone
$ cd frostwire.desktop
$ hg udpate fw4-stable
hg diff > your.patch
email your.patch along with a description to

Lord of the rings: We'd appreciate a good list of things that would make FW5 a better torrent client so that we can fix it. (instead of telling us how little skills we have, that's so productive, makes you look so good as a community member bad mouthing people that have busted their asses for years update after update)

We'll add this community as another good reason to have dropped gnutella support, the user experience is better than ever with FrostWire 5, try it for yourself, I doubt you'll miss all the spam and fakes that who knows from _where_ was coming from.

Over and out.

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