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I should have warned everyone in my previous prepared that if someone from frostwire does respond there'll be one of THREE STANDARD answers they've been giving to the countless posts asking for questions...and asking for gnutella support back. Check out the frostwire forums yourself and you'll see the EXACT same three be prepared for:

1) "if you're not happy with frostwire v5 then just use v4...and if you continue to bad mouth v5 it's making us think that we should drop any support/work on it". They've ALREADY dropped working on frostwire 4 and it's NO LONGER on their website or anywhere else since they've updated nearly ALL sites with the new version WITHIOUT gnutella...this is KILLING gnutella and our music...less legit results and more spam

2) "rather than bad mouthing v5...tell us how to make it better and what you want" (actually one of the makers posted EXACTLY this in this forum...see what I mean?) Haven't we been telling you what we want...more of us than we can count...and what will make V5 better you ask? ADD GNUTELLA SUPPORT BACK IN and make it the DEFAULT search rather than torrent...and turn file sharing BACK ON by default and NOT off as you had in teh latest versions of even frostwire v4

3) "you're speaking out against must be a spammer then" Yes, there are more of us than I can count that are so called "spammers" then...we must be the stupidest spammers in the world then because we're actually TELLING people how to AVOID spam...and a good chunk of us...well...we had TONS of other posts on frostwire forums dating back WAY before this new version came out...and again, why are we the spammers telling people how to get AROUND the spam...and why are we the spammers complaoing that there is now even MORE spam on the network?1?

Anyway, just be prepared for one of the three...i think we've already seen #1 and for sure #2...just waiting for #3 and we'll have the entire story that we always get!

What we REALLY want though is ANSWERS...and not the above three BS answers...we DESERVE it...and for them to LISTEN to us and stop deciving people...we built this network up..we switched to frostwire based on the promis of the continuation of limewire...we made this...and now you're trying to use what we made to move your agenda forward to thsi "new" version that NONE of us want...
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