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Raising the debt limit is not a blank check. Indeed, the measure requires a specific dollar amount. Typically, it is a one-paragraph bill. It does not include any increase in spending; it simply covers the bills that are due.

Americans do want to raise taxes - on the rich, oil companies, etc., who should pay their fair share. The House Crier, er Speaker, keeps saying that we should not raise taxes on job creators - but where are the jobs? (They got their tax breaks more than a decade ago!). The Repubs have not offered a single bill to stimulate job growth.

Senate rules require that any measure that increases spending or decreases revenue must be limited to ten years or less, or else the government has to show how we'll pay for it. That's why Bush set his tax breaks for the rich to expire in 10 yrs - so he wouldn't have to show how we'll pay for it. The Republicans cry "raising taxes", as though when a retail store ends a Sale, reverting back to the original price, the shoppers claim, "They're raising prices!" No, it's just the end of the Sale.

Bush's wars - not included in his budget! (The "war" in Iraq was supposed to pay for itself - we would be getting oil revenues. Well, oil didn't get any cheaper. And now I hear we're building schools and hospitals there. Sounds good, until you remember that Iraq sits on the third largest oil deposits on the planet. They do not need our help to rebuild.)

Remember the "Death Tax"? Republicans had everyone convinced that their estates would be taxed upon their death, robbing their children of their due. Did they mention that the tax would apply only to estates worth over one million dollars? Another break only for the rich.

Remember the "Death Panels", or, "Obama wants to kill your mother"? The measure allows people like my mother to use her insurance to speak with her doctor about her end-of-life choices (something that her insurance company would not pay for, claiming that such meetings with physicians was not necessary patient care).

The loss of government jobs that you mention, results in more unemployed (who are in turn unable to support local businesses, pay off debts, etc). In my city, four of our Superior Court departments are closing. A lot of people will be out of work. And it is estimated that it will now take five years to bring a case into civil court. Another means to help the rich (poor people have a harder time surviving while awaiting their turn in court).

When you need medical care do you pay for it out-of-pocket? I did not have insurance. When I became ill I could not affort to pay for a doctor's visit. My condition worsened until I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. The taxpayers could have saved many $ had I been able to receive treatment before it became an emergency.

The first time I heard the provisions of ObamaCare, it was an idea voiced by the Governator himself, a Republican! San Francisco provides health insurance to the poor by way of a small tax added to meals. The system works well. Yes, it does add to the cost of dining out, but the cost to each of us is far less than using taxes to pay for the poor to use Emergency Depts.

I am quite bothered by the current vindictiveness expressed in inflamatory speech when discussing matters of state. It's the worst I've seen in my lifetime. I was the Denver Coordinator of Vietnam Vets Against the War during Nixon's reign. We hated Nixon, but preferred to attack him on his politics, rather than his personality, appearance, etc. We relied on the truth, rather than lying to people in order to sway them. And we never referred to him as a "gangster".

When Pelosi proved to be the most effective Speaker in the past 50 yrs she was attacked on her looks. I'm tired of the likes of Palin referring to "the lame stream media", (though I would have to agree if she were talking about Fox).
Pease explain what the "(n)" before Obama represents.
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