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Default US vs The World

Hi Guys

Something has always bothered me about the US and that is it always seems to need an enemy to focus on.

After the second world war it was the communist, even though communism was a doomed unsustainable system. OK, that was not known until the Berlin wall came down, that can be forgiven.

And what was the Vietnam war about, as far as I understand it the Vietnamese were fighting for their freedom against French colonialism, i.e. the same thing the US did to gain their independence from Britain.

But even now no one can give a credible answer why the US went after Iraq in Desert Storm 2, why all the lies to justify a war against a toothless tyrannical bully.

Let's leave that one, because it's now history, but now that the original villain is dead what is the US going to do.

What (make believe) evil villain is the US now going to go after?

UK Bob

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