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Default I Wish You Had Registered

If I didn't have faith in my abilities and the open source community at large, I would have posted the same way as an unregisterd user. Two things were a deciding factor in my decision to register to a forum of a program that I wasn't able to use yet due to my installation woes.

1) I wanted someone who had the answers or would later post the answers to email me directly or to reply to my thread and the same result as if they had replied directly would have been the outcome.

2) See #1

Of course, once the solution was known I would definitely like to register and be an active member of the gnutellaforums. I've tried gtk-gnutella, napshare, and only limewire had a troublesome installation issue. Once that problem was resolved, I discovered limewire had the best program overall! I messed around with morpheus and kazaa on the windows xp side and found kazaa to be the best for me in that category. Until I tried limewire, no other programs in linux came close! Limewire is #2 overall if I had to compare it with all p2p programs regardless of OS. LIme Wire could be #1 only if they could get their system to be able to handle multiple multimedia files (ie avi, mpeg, mpg, divx, mp3, etc) whether internally with their own player like what kazaa has, or by accessing an external media program like xine, mplayer, ogle, divx, etc.

That said, try limewire once again with my installation suggestions and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
. o O (I should repost this to the limewire suggestions thread)
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