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Originally posted by Vinnie

It was apparently an intentional oversight, designed to improve the reliability and quality of downloads using LimeWire, at the expense of the BearShare servent.
No, they posted the byte format to the gdf weeks ago, and since you can't write protocols, think before you create your own little nightmare idea of a protocol mod, or even write english for that matter, they messed it up!


Quit grabbing at straws, your world is out of control and you are freaking out because you are losing the ability to dictate over it.

Here are the problems: You don't own Gnutella, you can't control Gnutella, there is no throne to sit on in Gnutella, Gnutella won't allow a dictator, and you just found out you really arn't god, so you have no choice but stomp your feet, jump up and down and hold your breath till everyone does what you want, your way.

The solution: Look in the phone book under "Psychotherapists". You don't seem to get it, and you deny having a dictator, control freak, rule over everyone attitude, so you better get a appointment quick because we all see it from here. These forums are not about providing free psychotherapy to you, it's just a warning sign that trouble is ahead. If you were in person I assume it would be worse, I think we are getting only the tip of what you are like for real. How was your childhood? Were you abused? What was your dad like? Please lay down when answering.

Please seek help, please make a Vinnie Net protocol and be on your way to complete and total control. (if you can figure out how to be compatable with your own protocols that is)

Don't worry, be a happy dictator! (in your own little virtual bubble, please leave us alone)
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