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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
For my logic, that sounds about right. (Looking at your initial question, I thought your desire was to ultrapeer whilst you were away from computer.)

For other over-heads, in general, large video files tend to cause the greatest overhead of upload/downloads. But I suspect they are mostly handled by the actual up & downloaders. Since there is constant messaging between the clients to request, to send, to receive, to tell it's received, verify the piece & request another piece, etc. There is no doubt other messaging I didn't mention. I'm not sure if all blocks of data are standardised the same size on the Gnutella network. But in general, audio files use smaller blocks of data & less difficulty of verifying, etc. ie: also less overhead in general. File-size plays a major part there.

My concern was not to block other users on the LAN connected through a DSL router with a upstream of 1 Megabit / sec. or about 80KBytes per second and about 1.0 MBytes down stream. There are 2 other users who constantly upload 15KBytes each with other p2p software. Plus a mail server, web browsers, Voip, DNS. This leaves me about 30 - 40 Kbytes for the Gnutella network.
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