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Default Re: IT'S YOUR FAULT!


it is not easy to defend Vinnie here, but also I feel you shot a little over the target also, if I may say so.

His (Vinnies) attitude is for sure not the best *ahem* , but it is impossible for me to complain about the niveau of his posts and then 'lower' me down, down to exactly the same flaming style he did so often.

I do not believe it is necessary to insult him, I can not see the sense in starting flame wars. If we do, nobody is helped, not us, not the gnutella community, and no newbie also. And I do not like, while reading threads, to sift out all the insults regardless the sides and my sympathies to harvest a little bit of information at last.

I became a gnucleus user last week, and I have to admit that this decision consisted 20% out of unresolved issues and 70% dislike of his attitudes*, and his endless insulting. This was no joy for me, no cheap revenge, I pitied him for he wounded him all by himself.

So, think, do you want to wound your point of view by insulting back?

Please do not take this as offence, it is not meaned so!

Greetings, and a lucky week!

*You wonder about the missing 10%? Easy: Calculating was never my strongest side :-)
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