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Default Introducing Sandboxie

Dear Forum Members

For those that have read my previous postings over the years will know that I am very seriously security minded when it come to protecting my computer, so much so that I currently have more than six protective apps on my PC.

Included in that armada of protection is one that I think is the most important of all, and that is Sandboxie (currently on version 3.60).

The reason why I like this application so much is because it actually prevents secretly downloading malware from infecting your machine by keeping it isolated, regardless of what it is or suppose to do. As far as the malware is concerned it is on your machine but it can't run or do anything, and so when you close your browser anything that has been downloaded in that session is instantly deleted.

As far as I am aware, Sandboxie will work with any and all browsers, items within the sandbox can be virus checked. Therefore, stuff you have actually downloaded can be checked before being copied/cut and pasted into an un-sandboxed area of your HD to permanently keep.

The next thing I like about Sandboxie is that you no longer have to worry about safe surfing because with Sandboxie protecting your browser you can go anywhere. Once your browsing session is finished and your browser closed all the debris that's been collected is gone as well.

Sandboxie comes in two flavours, the basic free version where you are allowed one sandbox per browsing session but you can use multiple application linked to that sandbox. In this instance the sandbox will not auto delete until the last app is closed.

The second paid flavour allows you more control over applications, i.e. whether they open with or without sandboxie, and enables you to have more than one sandbox open at a time.

I will say that my review may not give you everything you want so here is the URL where you will learn more and download this application for a trial run.

And, for those that do not know me, I am willing to answer any non-technical question about this product, my answers will be strictly based on my experience of using the free version.

UK Bob

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