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His newest release, the self produced, "Dear Barack", Michael takes aim at a letter type of song to Barack Obama. This is something white media has felt it wasn’t allowed to do, the president is off limits for jokes or anything else. Barber felt differently stating in an interview with 1 on 1 Fashion Magazine, “I have been given a soapbox, a way to deliver a message, I should use that for a positive route.” He also went on to state, “I feel like nobody is saying F the system, it is all dance tunes being put out by artists, everybody wants to sound like somebody else, and we need a voice for this time period, I am that voice." Barber’s Purple Aces Project has a 8th release date, and his Universal debut, Shotguns and Canned Goods is due out this August.

FrostWire is a free app & anybody can download it from the official FW site: FrostWire

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