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Originally Posted by equuastuu View Post
how do you unlock the videos in phex?for the life in me i cannot make the downloaded videos start i missing something here?how does anyone make phex's downloaded videos start playing?i've got so many videos to see,bit cannot play the videos.can anyone out there help me.i find this so difficult.thank you.kern thomas.
This may sound like a stupid question, but are you trying to play files from within your Phex library, or from within the folder on your computer where your downloads are saved?

If you check in your library (click Phex's 'Library' tab), you'll see where your files are saved (in the 'Directory' column). Navigate to that folder on your computer & then try playing a file.

What extensions are the video files?

Which media player are you using? Try VLC player - it's free & will play most file types: VLC - (click on link)
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