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Default Drag and Drop files for sharing

This could probably easily be added, even if only for MacOSX and even if just using an applescript that does it. I have such a script that can be applied to various things.

One of the reasons I am requesting this is, many gnutella clients only have options to share folders, not individual files. This is a particularly dangerous approach which LW got into trouble with several years ago for security reasons of accidental file sharing which they were taken to court over.

The Share filter is good, but if you share a large number of files and large variation of files, it means a heck of a lot of work to know exactly which files need filtering out and applying a filter for each individual file.

Example: If I have a folder with aiff, flac and mp3/m4a files, of course I do not wish to share all of them. I can filter out .aif, but if I filter out flac it filters out flac files from other shared folders also. Thus I must individually filter each file name out including the file extension. There must be a better and easier solution. Drag and dropping files of choice is the solution for me (LimeWire added this functionality.)

Oops I just realised I asked about the unsharing of files previously: Ability to share or unshare specific files which is a similar kind of issue. Drag and drop files and folders of choice would help solve this issue. And a right-click or control-click of the file in library and choose Stop Sharing would solve the Unshare issue also.
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