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Lightbulb flashing LimeWire Pirate Edition not connecting?

Recently LimeWire Pirate Edition (LPE) for several people has had problems connecting. I believe LPE uses a bootstrap server to help LPE users connect in a similar way to how the LimeWire company had bootstrap servers for 4.18 and 5 to connect. And everyone knows what happened when the LimeWire company shut down their bootstrap servers in late 2010.

It is my guess either the LPE bootstrap server is no longer functioning or is over-loaded. Anybody's guess. Possibly under some kind of attack. (That is if one was being used.)

It is still possible to connect with LPE if you obtain a fresh file. If does not work for you, then I have created a temporary fix. Once you get connected again, your connection problems will be solved for the near future. If using Windows 7 or later, Java needs to be set to Run as Administrator or problems connecting.

Fresh file for connecting file, 2012 (4shared) or Mirror 1 (Ezfile) or Mirror 2 (mediafire). Download and put into your LimeWire preferences folder:

Instructions on how to replace the file:

Mac OSX . and . Windows users see the 'REPLACE FILE' section of

Installers to do the work for you?

Mac OSX: MacOSX Gnutella Connect Fix, 2012 (4shared) Unzip and double-click the program installer. Or alternative links: here (Ezfile) or here (mediafire).

Windows: Windows Gnutella Connect Fix, 2012 (4shared) or alternative links: here (mediafire) and here (Ezfile) or here (uploaded).

Linux: See this post for the download links for a Linux connection fix installer.

Note: These are not self-updating installers like the ones I created last year.

Do not disable file-sharing, do not 'freeload', if nobody were sharing files, you know of course there would be no files to download. If you are a part of the file-sharing community, then share your part and be a respected member of the file-sharing community. Do you never return what you borrow from your friends? Do you never return your partner's kisses and attention? File-sharing can even be a passion!
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