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LPE is abbreviation for which should connect reasonably easily.

You should trash your previous version of LW from the Applications folder. Might even be wise to delete your previous preferences folder:

If LimeWire does not open, select the program in Finder, get Information (command i), if necessary enable or disable 64/32 bit operation. I had to do this with mine yet I'm using Snow Leopard OSX 10.6.

You use a virus utility on Mac? Not many mac osx viruses in existence. Most definitions of virus are for picking up Windows viruses, which have no effect on OSX.

Tips on reducing spam and finding what you are seeking on Gnutella network: I would recommend using the size filter. 1 MB minimum file size for audio, 10 MB minimum for videos. Though 50 MB minimum file size would be better depending on what kinds of video you are looking for, such as movies, episodes or music-videos (these latter ones will probably be smaller than 50 MB.)

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