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Part 2 of the large increase in games for the forum arcade. This time I will not list the games, instead I will simply list how many new games for each category. In total around 260 new games (100 more games than were installed in December which was over 160.) And the Bonus category was also boosted with an undisclosed number of new games for those who win the Caption Contest.

Tetris Type Games = 3

Cards, Mahjong, Chess, Casino = 19

Alien and Space Games = 4

Military or Flying Games = 1

Puzzle Games = 7

Tiles, Jewels and Matching = 30

Memory or Matching or Word Games = 2

Adventure = 6

Holiday - Xmas Easter Halloween = 75

Shooting Games (Targets) = 24

Shooting Games (Shoot to Kill) = 14

Darts, Archery, 10 Pin Bowling = 3

Sports, Ski and Pool / Billiards = 6

Throwing / Tossing / Distance = 11

Racing, Bike or Car Games = 5

Yeti Games = 1

Ice Age Games = 1

Fishing or Fish Games = 3

Pinball Games = 1

Miscellaneous = 31

Edit: Some of these games have been moved to the 'More Puzzle,Matching+Diff. games' category. I forgot to categorize them into this category earlier.

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