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This only applies to Gnucleus 1.8 users who might be having connection problems. This does not apply to any of the Gnucleus 2 versions because their Gnucleus connection file is a little different.

For anybody using Gnucleus 1.8, you can simply use the data from the general gnutella connection file. This is a kind of a quick fix approach. After downloading, you will need to change the name of the file from to and then put this file into the top level of your Gnucleus program folder. Gnucleus will probably only use one of any of these hosts to connect, but will then use its ability to find other hosts once connected. Upon Gnucleus 1.8 closing, it will reduce the list to 200 hosts which is the maximum it is set to save. Best to keep Gnucleus 1.8 running as long as possible so it collects a reasonable list of reliable peers to connect to for next time.

The general connection file download link:
If you're not registered at 4Shared & don't want to register, use this link : Rapidshare download for file (Remember to change the file's name from to

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