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Jed loves playing with other dogs. I'm sure they'd get along well.

Danny would put Monty into his place one way or another I'm sure lol jk. He also has his hunting instincts which I witnessed whilst trying to hide from me and pretending I was just a bad movie moving closer at a time whilst he was toying with local birdlife.

Max was a mix with pointer from memory. So had that sniffer instinct. I'd need to ask my sister to be sure. Danny was best friends with both as it happens.

BTW the land where the pine trees are on the top of the hill shown in the last picture belong to the forestry commission. Pine trees are of course fast growing so an easy wood source. But they poison the soil with their acidicity, upset the local ecology, and do not provide the same food and protection as natural trees for the local wildlife. My sis has had several variety of trees planted on her land that were taken from the most local trees to try to keep localised and natural; ie: were seeded from local surviving tree stock. Obviously not pine trees. lol The pics I have here do not show these trees though.

(For those of you who know about pH.: At least in my state most land soil is naturally alkaline, but pine trees make the ground highly acidic thus poison the local soil lifeforms. I've known this since I was at high school about this kind of damage, yet money is more important for the forestry commission with fast crop pine trees. You will not find much natural Australian wildlife (feels like a desert of wildlife, almost totally dead and quiet) in a pine forest compared to a natural Australian forest which almost bursts with local wildlife sounds, be it birds or other lifeforms.)
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