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Default Some feature requests

I would like to see a new release soon

Some requests for future Phex releases (hopefully soon):

- Please remove Polar Skulk, it's not using by people (?)

- Always (!!!) prefer Phex-to-Phex and Phex-to-Gtk-Gnutella connections

- Auto-search option (Gtk-Gnutella is having this already) this search option will do an auto-search every hour! (great way to find rare files on the network)

- add some "bad" extensions by default in the search-filter (mov, exe, torrent, zip, rar)

- Integrated chatboxes like FrostWire, Ares, eMule and BitTorrent client Tixati. This will build a real Phex community and Phex clients will be running longer!

- Rating/comment system for Phex users ONLY! They can rate and comment files so that others know these files are good or not...are there more negative then positive ratings, there must be a warning if people want to download this file anyway

- Show bitrates at searches!

- Phex-to-Phex Point system: the longer your Phex is running , the better your upload ratio is and/or the more files you share, the more points your Phex clients will earn and the faster you can download from other Phex users! (like eMule: you give more, you get faster!)

As you can see, some things i would like to see are exclusive for Phex users: chat, rating/comment system, point system.
This is because i like Phex and i really want to see Phex in near future as one of the leading Gnutella clients!
Lot of Gnutella clients are (almost) dead or they quitte the Gnutella network, so Phex really need to grow!

Hopefully some Gnutellaloving developers will join the Phex project soon!
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