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Originally Posted by Sleepless View Post
... they have absolutely nothing to do with child pornography. They are pictures depicting how incredibly wrong things can go in the world.

She is running from her village, because it has accidentally been napalmed by "friendly" forces. She has also been burned by said napalm. ...
And another titled 'Terror of War' Nick Ut Pulitzer Prize Winning Napalm Girl Vietnam War Wire Photo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Side-comment: They said the South Vietnamese accidentally bombed the wrong village. Do you really think they would not know their own territory and which village was which? Easy to shift the blame. Every war the USA has been in, they have made similar errors. But perhaps it was not them this time.

Off-topic: I was looking through the series of photos about Viet Nam during that period. I spent 2 months over there after just completing my first year's university study in the Vietnamese language. The Southerners speak very differently to those in the north. Many different words and very different accented vowels. Much of my communication in the south was via pencil and paper, whereas in Hanoi I could understand them reasonably easily and vice-versa. My language course taught 95% northern Vietnamese words, which is the official version of the language. I notice their river boats have not changed at all since the 1960's lol.
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