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Originally Posted by cootmaster View Post
... and our friendly bots will explain how to fix 4
as well as make sure he uses 4.21.8
Bots? Does not sound like personal help. Also, why 4.21.8? Personally I found 4.21 slower and harder to connect with than 4.20.

Do you also fall under the dev's hypnotism of believe everything they say? They thought 4.21 was better but was it really for the gnutella network? Why should 4.21 have been a slower client to connect than the earlier version?

And why was it full of junk-ware when FrostWire's web-site specifically and strongly stated at the time FW did not include any junkware of any form? OK we had this out with one of the devs at the time, he simply thought we were arrogant. But the Gnutella forums were 'always' about pointing out mistakes or errors or bugs or hypocrisy with gnutella clients. He did not seem to understand that. lol He had obviously not been around the gnutella forums since its earlier days or read back the posts of earlier periods. File_Girl71's thread on a Bundle-Free FW thread is one such thread but not only thread from memory involved in that discussion. The FW Dev deleted one of his posts within an hour of posting after realising what he said was totally wrong about FW's open source status. I suspect the blood was rushing to his head.

You refer to auto-help such as Bots and videos. But at same time you talk about personal help. I guess the personal help now will have nothing to do with gnutella network because all those still helping are those who are under the dev's hypnotism and have upgraded to FW 5 and are no longer using the gnutella network. Thus, no longer even know what's happening on the gnutella network.

As far as gnutella clients go, GTK-Gnutella is far more developed than either LW or FW ever were for the gnutella network. Both LW and FW are looking very old fashioned already when you look at GTK's more developed and additional Gnutella protocol abilities. But GTK is not for everyone due to its less than easy to understand interface options. Although it does have abilities to choose a basic and advanced mode. Coincidentally this is something I had asked the LW devs to do over 3 years ago .. roughly based on my experience with Azureus (Vuse) with it's basic, intermediate and advanced options. A couple devs liked the idea as with other ideas I suggested but they were all put on ice as they were under a certain amount of pressure already 'to do as they were told' by you know who. Though the general public did not realise that at the time.

Was it true FrostWire gave up on the gnutella network because there were no true gnutella devs left, ie: they were relying on the LimeWire dev's output?
When FrostWire first started, it had a few limewire code suppliers from the general gnutella community whom had supplied a large amount/percentage of code over many years for LimeWire. They had helped support LW 4 and earlier versions through their days. In fact, they had supplied a very large percentage of LW4's most important code. But these initial FW devs seemed to vanish within a year or two from the FW team. Leaving FrostWire to continually wait and lean on the LimeWire dev's shoulders for support and upgrade ideas. Yep, at least a couple of these donators of code, I had tried out their own particular versions of LW and seen tools which eventually made it into the mainstream LW (before FW existed.) These code contributors were also constantly supplying bug fixes for LW over many years. Which is something maybe some people tend to easily forget about which is unfortunate. Without these people, both FW and it seems LW also seemed to suffer greatly. LW devs seemed to struggle to do it alone with LW 5.

BTW the FrostWire site's download page has not had its files updated for close to a year now. They used to give optional files from their network of FW program's files. It slowed to just a couple, then just one, then zero updated. So they are now all out of date and very very old and useless in gnutella network connection terms.
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