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Red face

Oops I accidentally left 3 large ranges off the list yesterday, I've replaced the list. Sorry about that, because I know a few people downloaded it.

In my experience, LW 5 does not appear to be able to read a range x.x.x.x/11 or larger to /1.
Thus I needed to split those ranges up into /12 blocks which represents x. . to . x.15.255.255 for example.
I accidentally left 3 of those out of the shortened list since the longer list had /8 and I removed those when I reduced the list. Anyway, it's fixed.

Edit again, I fixed up a few other small errors. duh, sloppy work. I redid the list instead of using the one I had which is where errors crept in. I've amended it about 3-4 times now. I should have simply grabbed the ones from my firewall since they were all correctly done. And sorry again, I've been cursing myself for my errors. We all make mistakes.

Remember if you are copying this list to the end of any existing ban list, the last address of your existing list will need a semi-colon ; before you copy these to the end of that list. All addresses should be separated by a semi-colon with exception of the very last one on the list.

If you wanted to extend the filter further if too many hosts are getting through, then add the addresses with /19 at the end. That would take the total of listings up to 1,095. Or even also the /20. This is one reason I supplied the full list to refer to just in case.

For anybody who is wondering: /32 = 1 single ip address. /31 = 2 sequential addresses. /30 = 4 sequential addresses. etc. As you notice the range keeps doubling. Continuing to /24 =256 addresses, /23 = 512 addresses, etc.

I've confirmed BearShare 5 cannot read this ip addressing format. BS instead uses an older sub-net masking format.

BTW if you installed/pasted my earlier postings of the blocklist, then you can remove them. Open the Japan & Taiwan block list file and choose the first host address listed near top of page, select and copy it. Then open the Limewire.props file, open the search function and paste the host address you copied into the search box. Then search. Then select that found first address and whilst holding the SHIFT key select to the last of them and delete/cut/remove. The first address will be and the last address will be The numbers are all in numerical order so should be easy to find the last one.

You can then replace that with the newer list.

I have an upcoming Shortened 'Hostiles' list from the BearShare Full-size Hostiles blocklist I will post soon. I am trying to make sure there is no needing to repost with this next block list, unless it is an updated version. As you might expect though, the Hostiles list is quite large. Even though it's a fraction of the half-million listings of the original. But I have tested the hostiles list with the additional Japan+Taiwan list also added and so far no memory issues, surprisingly. I will leave it running to see how it goes over an extended period.

My newer note for the Hostiles list will explain the two main areas that cause memory problems with LW 5 / LPE. And what to reduce if you do have LW memory problems. Reducing your hair, a haircut is always good even if it does not help LW.

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