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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
AFAIK there has never been a Mac version of Ares, it is a Windows only program.

I do not know the full story about Ares, and what versions support the Gnutella network. As far as the ares galaxy network goes, there's supposed to be an application called iGotcha! which was designed for it, but I do not know if that app is still developed.

On the Gnutella network, LimeWire 5/LimeWire Pirate Edition will show audio bitrates and video resolutions if you set your search result columns up to show this in classic view mode. ie: control-click/right-click the heading-column and choose to show which columns you want such as resolution, length, bitrate, extension, etc. LimeWire 4 also had similar abilities, but the video height and width dimensions were shown in separate columns.

LimeWire has torrent support. But like many part-time torrent programs is not anywhere near as good as the specifically designed torrent programs. Such support is rather basic IMHO.
Thanks for the reply! I'll try iGotcha! and see if it fits my needs. As far as lime wire goes how reliable is it? I've heard alot of bad things from it so I stayed away but I did use it once or twice on my pc and it had the features I wanted but half the files were sketchy as in viruses or wouldn't open. What tormenting site would be best for song downloads speckfically singles not albums? I use pirate bay for my movie downloads and it's great but for songs it's vague and doesn't give too many results. Once again really appreciate all the help
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