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I was just looking at my firewall ip pings. Realised one specific ip I had put there has over 5,000 pings. I cannot remember why I put it there lol. I'm guessing it was a finding I forgot to report here (luckily it's a static address as are all in that range.) This ip is not in the Hostiles list, but will be in the next updated version. This amount of pings is about the fifth most I'm getting but the others are ip ranges. Most is the infamous 70.38. range with 31,000. Taiwan and Japan next with over 7,000 in specific ranges each.

For LimeWire 5 users, I will put out an experimental shortened version of the Hostiles list if anybody is interested. I will also supply a converted version of the full hostiles list if you are brave enough to try it lol. Maybe in another week or so. I do not know how effective the shortened version will be as it will lack most individual addresses and concentrate on the larger ranges and the most important of the small ranges that 'I am aware of'.

Edit: 17 hours later and the specific ip mentioned earlier has pinged me 26,000 times, now the 2nd largest pinger. 70.73. with 152,000. But then I have not been doing network searches which keeps some of the other ranges more quiet.
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