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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
- . . (15 within this range) This and one below are heavy DDOS pingers from NY USA. Coincidentally same address ranges are already in the Full Hostiles list. Firewall is best so the ping hits will not affect LW's performance. - . . (11 within this range)
Whilst an ultrapeer and all guards down, I actually connected to both of these. All sorts of clients using same/similar ip's just different ports:
WinMX Music
WinMX Music
WinMX Music
WinMX Music

On another note, I have finally finished a shortened version of the Hostiles for LW 5. Two versions, I am referring to one as Light Security, and the other as Medium Security. They both have the main hosts listed. The Light one also lightens up on Japan a little, closer to the original full Hostiles blocks of Japan. Both seem to run fine with LPE in testing so far without any lag or other issues detected during long sessions. I will first package the LW and FW installers with installers for such lists, then post links to 'add them yourself' versions here.

On a sadder note. I tried the BearShare Full Hostiles out with 3 versions of LW 4 and neither LW was able to connect and only whilst the hostiles file was within the folder. Not even the simplest of hints of trying to connect. Makes me wonder if it were really a myth the full-hostiles was compatible with LW 4. Unless the problem is related to my set-up, which is a possibility. Regardless, the newer LW blocklist versions will hopefully suffice for LW 4 users. For LW 4, I thus have 3 versions: light, medium and strong security.
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