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Originally Posted by svavavalkyr View Post
Anyone who has Karaoke files, either in your shared,not shared or even in your home cd collection, who would like to download more Karaoke,
I have a pretty good collection myself, some that arent in my library but in my cd tower, and I would like to find people who would be interested in swapping, and invite you to contact me, and we can agree to a sharing appointment...

What I have found with Karaoke files is that not a whole lot of people have them, usually only 1 or two sources, if you find what you're looking for at all.
And I know that the people who do have and download Karaoke files, most likely have a lot more on disc, if they are avid singers at all.

Everytime I find a hard to find song that I really want, the host kills the upload, and eventually, if I am persistant, stops sharing the file.

Id be interested in making an agreement to allow you to upload mine without discretion at a specific time, that I will allow maximum uploads at maximum speeds., if in return you would allow the same, and during the agreed upon time, refrain from trying to do any downloading during the others uploading time.
If there are any specific artists or song, or genre's of Karaoke you are interested in, Id be happy to share my disc library.
We both would likely end up gaining alot of karaoke songs this way....
I dont even need for them to be cdg, I like to learn my songs without the crutch of the words on a screen. I just want the music.
Anyone interested in working out a deal with me let me know.

i have 4300 karaoke songs i would like to share .many are in sets sunfly,ett,top tunes.etc etc i have hem on hard drive and dvd .please get in contact.
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