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Hi Sleepless

Cheers for relaying your own particular solution for the problem you faced but, unfortunately, your particular resolution cannot help me.

Airties, from my quick research, is primarily aimed at those that want to setup and maintain a media distribution centre in their home, which is not my main concern, i.e. it's number 5 on my list.

I already use Acronis True Image to back up my C:\ drive to an external HD but I really want to move away from using externals for backup purposes.

As for my O/S, I see no real reason to move away from XP simply because it's a stable platform for the applications and utilities I use and basically I will not risk losing them to a newer O/S.

As for allowing my neighbours to use my wi-fi, no way. I'm just too paranoid to believe that non-family members are going to use my Internet connection properly, e.g. if an outsider using my wi-fi starts to download CP the police will be kicking down my door and seizing all the computers in my home.

No, it is far better (and less risky) to keep my wi-fi and modem buttoned down.

Anyway, cheers again or your contribution

UK Bob
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