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Default External HDs that went wrong


As mentioned I have had two (2) of my five externals go wrong, they were (in order of failure):

1) Gericom External HD with a 400GB Disk and two USB2 ports. This died in the second or third year of use.

2) Lacie External (porch design) with a 250GB Disk, which died 6 - 9 months after the Gericom.

What really burned me was when the Lacie died, it had all my music, movies and photo collections on it, as well as a back up of all the applications and utilities I was using at the time.

What made the model's failure even worse, and I strongly suspect this, was that Lacie knew the 250GB HD they used in production were prone to failure.

However, the other two Lacies that I have, the 160GB HD (bought when I first started to use Limewire) and the 500GB HD model still work. My third external is a Gericom 160GB HD (bought when my Lacie 160GB HD got full up).

So I am trying to move away from having multiple externals and get something with built in fail safe facilities, i.e. such as a NAS device.

Anyway, cheers for your input.

UK Bob
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