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Good to hear.

If you have not used any LW 5 version for 30 days it will delete the connection file. However you can get File_Girl71's LW-Fix2 to prevent this from happening.

You should not need to continually update the connection file. Not unless your connection file somehow gets full of part-time/casual users or users with highly dynamic addresses or spam hosts lol.

The gnutella file I provide: I have left the gnutella file as is for 3 to 5 months at a time. But some of these hosts on the list stop using the network. And with lots of people using the connection files, obtaining fresh data is helpful. Even with static hosts the list can begin to show signs of not being as effective. I added a lot to the list 6 weeks or so ago, but I think some of my choices were a little hasty so I've been slowly adding what I believe are reliable hosts. For example, those who connect for several days at a time during the week, and not those whom might only connect on the weekend or be possibly only trying the network out for a short time. I also try to choose hosts I do not believe are in any way related to spammers or hostile hosts. So in short, I try to be very selective. Finding static hosts is not in itself easy.

Edit: off-topic: I fixed a small bug in the OSX connectionfix installers that had existed since September when I added the launch FrostWire button on the last menu. Unlike LW, the FW devs set FW to use an old method for identifying its application on OSX (and my scripting to handle this approach had an error though it worked.)
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