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Well one of the wonders (OK, blunders) of Windows 8 is there is no start menu anymore and although I eventually found what I thought was the startup folder using file manager, there was no bearshare located there. I also used regedit to try to find it in the usual Run locations and it wasn't there either. You actually use Task Manager in Windows 8 to view/disable startup programs, so that's what I ended up doing. I'd just like to know what's going on. I swear File_Girl71's install did run on Window 8 when I first tried it. But now it just says I need to be on ax x86 system. I might consider trying a registry cleaner, but the preview of Windows 8 I've been running expires in a couple months, so I'm destined to do a purchase and installation of the released version of Windows 8 fairly soon, so I guess I'll probably just be happy that it sorta works.

Thanks for your help.

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