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Late reporting:

Over a week ago, I installed LuckyWire on both my Windows XP's and the program refused to open complaining of an error. Perhaps this is only my issue.

But something I find very strange is LuckyWire maintains its settings/preferences folder in a folder called .luckywire in the user's documents folder. A very odd location to place a settings/preferences folder. And the concept of using a dot before the folder name was what LW used in early LW 4 versions. Whichever LuckyWire dev thought of that concept should probably take a closer look at GTK-Gnutella to see how to do it properly. (Though this might be a side-effect of newer Java installations under the newer Java ownership.)

Edit: I did manage to get LuckyWire running on a different Windows. However, with one exception, the only times LuckyWire connected was when I manually added hosts to the connection window that I knew were online at the time.
LuckyWire appears to be based on LimeWire 5.3 or earlier. It uses the Super duper advanced options in the settings preference options, which was renamed in later LW versions. The Windows LW Clone Connection Fix installer includes LuckyWire as an option to install for.

Despite a mac version of LuckyWire showing up several times in google searches, it appears the download link was dead or removed. It also seems LuckyWire has not been updated in 18+ months. I installed LuckyWire with hope their devs had actually looked at the code and realised a change was needed for the Java setting, not to mention the issue of the date of the connection file.

Totally off-topic: a week ago I thought I almost found a solution to the LW 5 & Java 7 problem .. being able to open LW 5/LPE directly without using the shortcut to the file .. and it worked, except torrent abilities were disabled ... I did not think many people would like that fix "lol".
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